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General Product Questions

I put the batteries in and the light won't turn on
What warranty do I receive with Mr Beams lights?
How do the Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Lights work?
How do I test my Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Light?
Do I need special batteries for my Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Light?
How often will I need to replace batteries?
How do I install my light?
Can Mr. Beams products be used outdoors?
Will cold weather affect my light?
What are Lumens?

Product Testing / Troubleshooting

My Mr. Beams Light stays on constantly/turns on and off
My light turns on the moment I put the batteries in. Is it defective?
What is your returns policy?
How far will the remote control work? Does it have to be in direct range to work?

Remote Controlled Lights

My remote control doesn't activate my light, what do I do?
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