Wireless, intelligent lighting solution for inside & outside the home


Remote Controlled Spotlight

3rd October, 2017

A couple of years back now we had many phone calls asking if we had a product that enables you to disable the motion sensor on our original lights.  Well we listened and produced our Remote Controlled Spotlight MB371.  We were amazed at the response for this product. If you own a large area of […]

New NetBright Path Lights

28th September, 2017

One of our best sellers at this time of year is our Netbright Lights.  A new addition to the range is our NetBright path lights MBN582.  These lights dovetail easily into the other Netbright lights available within our range.  The Netbright path light is a pack of 2 lights which gets you started and you […]

Motion sensored Networked security lights

6th September, 2017

Autumn has arrived and those dark nights are getting earlier and earlier. The need for easy light and security is now in the forefront of our minds. With our Intelligent NetBright Spotlights you can now easily light up and protect your home and create an affordable ‘smart home’ lighting system. This system contains NetBright technology […]

Popular Best Seller

23rd August, 2017

Our relatively new Ultra Bright Ceiling Light, MB990, has quickly become one of our top selling products.  Customers are thrilled with its powerful light output whilst still looking stylish and discreet. It has a clean modern design and has a unique diffuser to spread light over a surprisingly large area.  It can be used in numerous […]

Father’s Day Deal

6th June, 2017

Father’s Day is fast approaching, are you still looking for a gift? Dads can be difficult to buy for and they don’t help by not giving you any clues… Mr. Beams can help. Dads love a good gadget to show off and our lights are easy to install and are perfect for any location. Our […]

Amber Universal Light

5th March, 2017

Our new Amber Universal Light has warm LED’s that will automatically turn on when movement is detected. If you often find yourself or your children getting up in the night turning on the mains lighting can be harsh on your eyes and disturb others around you. Our new product has been designed with this in […]

New drainpipe fitting for spotlights

1st March, 2017

We have just released a new fitting for our security spotlights that will allow you to attach them to all drainpipe sizes around your home, a perfect location for spotlights. The fitting is available separately to the products if you already own them or with the lights. Our drainpipe fitting is compatible with our Spotlight […]

Essential festival kit list

22nd February, 2017

Festival season is just round the corner and we bet some of your kids have tickets to the UK’s biggest festivals this year. It’s important that they have fun, but make sure they have some essential festival kit list items with them. Sleeping bag Wellies – needed in UK weather! Tent Rucksack Mr Beams USB Lantern […]

Father’s Day gift ideas

14th June, 2016

Dad’s can be difficult to buy for, and they don’t help by not giving you any clues… Mr Beams can help. Why not get your Father a gift he will always use this Father’s Day. A motion sensored light to illuminate his tools and man cave (aka the shed). Men love a good gadget to show […]

Keep street parties going into the evening

2nd June, 2016

The UK is in good spirits celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday. There will be street parties everywhere, Mr Beams can help brighten them up with a little lighting to keep the party going into the evening. Our wireless lights can be placed on tables or illuminate pathways, don’t let the fading sun light pause the […]

Light hazards in your home

20th May, 2016

You won’t think of it until an accident in your home happens. Stairs and hazardous areas can be dangers to children, especially in the dark. We have 3 models that are ideal for lighting trip hazards inside the home. The Universal Light, Slim Light & Mini Night Light are all small designs but give off […]

Use a little lighting to keep your home safe

5th May, 2016

Lighting can help keep your home safe for all of the family. Do you have steps in the garden or hazardous areas that could potentially cause a nasty trip? If so, motion sensored lighting could help make those areas more noticeable for your family and therefore safer. Our Compact Path Lights are ideal for lighting […]

Brighten up your spring cleaning!

21st April, 2016

The yearly spring clean can always be a challenge. You’ll realise just how many dark corners and cupboards in your home never get touched. Mr Beams can help make the job a little easier with motion sensored, wireless lighting for your attic and cupboards. Our ceiling light will light your entire attic without the need […]

Camping season is around the corner

14th April, 2016

Being able to charge your phone (and other small electronic devices) when you’re completely cut off from mains electricity is very handy. If you are in an a emergency and need to contact someone, you know your phone is charged and ready. Or always have it topped up to take pictures of your family camping […]

New Path Light Family!

7th April, 2016

There is a new addition to the Mr Beams path light family, the Compact Path Light and we love it! We can’t wait for you to try it and see just how great this small, but bright design is! The smaller design allows you to install it easily in tight areas that the other path […]

April Fools day advice

1st April, 2016

Don’t be a fool and buy those inferior imitation lights that are available on the market. Mr Beams guarantees first class customer service and we will always do everything we can to look after you. Just take a look at our reviews! Don’t be a fool – buy once, buy wise!

Get ready for the fishing season with a lantern that charges your phone!

17th March, 2016

If someone in your family loves fishing or they are teaching their children. Then you’ll know that they are always sat out by the water with their fishing tent, rods and a well packed breakfast! Give them a gadget they’ll use overtime they’re out catching fish. Our Lantern is portable and bright, it will make […]

Get your Mother an unusual Mothers Day Gift

2nd March, 2016

  Mothers Day is just around the corner, why don’t you get her something she won’t be expecting but will use every day? Mums are always in and out of their wardrobes and various hiding spots all over the home. These are typically dark areas that struggle to fit mains wired lighting in. Mr Beams […]

Understand motion sensored lighting

19th February, 2016

Motion activation is a crucial component of Mr Beams lights. Sure, we could make our lights without a motion sensor and you could still have bright light anywhere, but why would anyone want to? Aside from wireless installation, the motion sensor is what allows a Mr Beams light to increase safety, security and convenience by […]

NetBright Spotlight – why you should have it around your home

12th February, 2016

NetBright technology allows our battery operated NetBright Spotlights to communicate with each other, so when one Spotlight turns on, all Spotlights on the network will also turn on. All lights work on a 30 second auto shut off time. Multiple networks can be established with up to 50 NetBright Spotlights on easy to easily light […]