Ultra Bright Security & Garden Spotlight – MB390

With 400 Lumens of bright light.  Its twin LED lights will provide a bright cone of light over a longer distance.  Just simply mount the light on a wall / tree or fence or fit it by using the optional ground-stake or drainpipe mountings.  A very simple to fit security deterrent or as a convenience for you when you arrive back or when you leave home.

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Key Product Features
400 lumens of light
30m² of light coverage
6m motion range
Ideal Usage Examples
  • Light large driveways
  • A great security light
  • Wirelessly light your garden
  • Ideal for outbuildings
  • Great for sheds and garages

The Ultra Bright Spotlight provides a massive 400 lumens of light capable of lighting 30m2 perfect for lighting large gardens and driveways. The LED Spotlight has a motion sensor that will pick up movement from up to 6m away and automatically turns off 30 seconds after the last movement was detected. This saves the battery life and prevents your light from being on all night. The Ultra Bright Spotlight also has a darkness sensor meaning your light will only turn on when both motion and darkness are detected.

This Spotlight is an ideal security and safety spotlight as it doesn’t require any mains wiring and can be installed within a matter of minutes to any surface you wish. All screws needed are provided with the product and the weather resistant design will prevent any water getting into the light.

Things to remember

  • Requires 4 x D cell batteries, one set lasts 6-12 months with average usage
  • If you have any questions please call our customer service team on 01684 607005

30 reviews for Ultra Bright Security & Garden Spotlight – MB390

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  1. Keith Griffin (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 MB390 lights as a stopgap while waiting for some mains electric lights to be fitted, but these MB lights are so good that I am not going to bother with getting the mains lights fitted and save a lot of money in the process.

  2. Ian Saunders (verified owner)

    Impressed with both these lights and with MB customer service – I made an enquiry as to whether or not these lights could be take rechargeable batteries, and got a very quick reply (they can, but won’t last as long as ordinary batteries).
    I put two lights at the back of my house, which, as we back on to a park, gets no other house or street lights, and can often be in total darkness. I have a mains light but it’s so temperamental as to be of limited use.
    I’ve also submitted this review, altered slightly, on Amazon, with pictures of the lights illuminating my garden.
    Although obviously not as powerful as a mains light, these are highly recommended as an easy, decent security light.
    I can’t comment on battery life/weather resistance yet, I do have other MB lights but these have some shelter from the elements, and the batteries in them have lasted for ages.

  3. Angie (verified owner)

    Brilliant powerfull light ideal for outside I recommend Mr Beams lights this is my second purchase brilliant

  4. Gillian Thomson (verified owner)

    Purchased this light to illuminate the step outside my conservatory,I was a little apprehensive as to how bright a battery operated light would be but I’m delighted with it. It is very bright and has a nice range of illumination and am now looking for one for an understairs cupboard. Would highly recommend.

  5. Daniel Roberts

    Fitted to my drainpipe extremely easily, no drills, no wires. Perfect.

  6. Sam Taylor

    This is my 3rd light from Mr Beams. They are all great and provide very simple lighting. Have purchased other cheaper designs in the past, but this was false economy, buy once and buy right!!

  7. Paul B

    Just got two of these and installed them yesterday. We had one (wired in) outdoor light but it only covered part of the back garden. Got a quote from an electrician to install wired lights and it was several hundreds, so that led me to look for battery powered options. Very pleased with these, they are quite bright and cast a wide cone of light – enough to see where you’re walking; probably not enough to read the paper. The casings are sturdy, and the access to the batteries is easy enough. They won’t come on until it’s dark (good, saves batteries) and have motion sensors. They do come on when the cat is in range, but seem not to be fooled by branches blowing in the wind. We had a lot of wind last night so it got a good test.

  8. Sean P

    Bought for an elderly relative in September as there was no lighting to the front of his house.
    Comes supplied with two fixing plugs and screws, and took less than 15 minutes to secure to wooden paneling above a door. It takes 4 large batteries (not supplied) which are still working through all the weathers thrown at us so far this year. The beam is really bright and works on a sensor. Great customer service from Chris.

  9. Sam W

    I needed an outside light urgently at the back of our new house and the mains wiring project wasn’t going to get power out there anytime soon so I needed an interim fix so I thought battery\LED could work. The product seems very sturdy and top quality the moment you open it. The front easily twists off (but also feels very secure when closed). In this section you have the 4 x D Type batteries and the light itself. I didn’t expect this to be that bright however now its up and working its really bright and shines a good distance down the garden, I may well just keep this and save myself a whole lot of pain with the mains wiring. You have a full vertical tilt up and down adjustment and then a clockwise and anti clockwise rotate. This allows you to adjust where its aimed quite well. With my installation i needed to rotate it to the 2 o’clock position to point it away at an angle from the back of the house. All in all a good purchase – i hope the batteries last as long as other reviewers have stated,

  10. Ray (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase from Mr Beams and as before am extremely pleased with the quality of the light bought to light up my drive. Installation was simple and straightforward. I would also add that their customer service is excellent, responding to my emails very quickly.

  11. Tim

    Very pleased also good that you can mix colours on the multipacks just place an order with one colour then back up with an email with order number requesting the colours you want, Great customer service will be back for more.

  12. Shaun

    Just thought I would give an update. I have three of these lights. They all went up in February 2015. Really easy to fit. Very bright and frankly I thought that I would have had to replace the battery by now. But no, they are still working as well as ever. It makes a nice change to find a product that actually performs better than expected. These should be available on the National Health!

  13. Terry Robinson

    I have owned and have been using an Ultra Bright Spotlight for nearly 2 years. It has been an effective and reliable security light – it performs faultlessly, was so simple to install and aim, and the batteries have lasted the entire time. Have just purchase 2 more to replace other mains powered units. In summary, I find these exemplary, as is the dispatch time. Pardon the pun, but Mr Beams are “Brilliant”!

  14. David C

    Installed 3 of the staked version of the Ultra Bright Spotlight in Nov 2016. Really good lights for illuminating my path, well made. Have been very regularly triggered by ourselves and our cats and I have just changed the final batteries today. They went well over a year before any of the batteries gave up. A minute to change the batteries, and the three units still look like new. Highly recommended.

  15. Hendrik Walker

    I purchased a smilar cheaper priced product on Amazon which riquired gold medalist acrobats to set it off. I returned it for a refund and was reluctant to try another battery operated security light but couldn’t be happier with my Mr Beams MB390! It worked first time and was the easiest thing ever to install. Feels and looks like superior quality and reassuring that Mr Beams seem like a reputable company that has good after sales service. Highly recommended!

  16. richard1

    These lights are fantastic, very simple to install and really bright. We’ve found using rechargeable batteries is best because you can recharge them to keep them bright where Alkaline batteries start to dim after a while.

  17. Bob

    I needed a light to brighten the outside of my door to the conservatory & footpath.
    I mounted it high on the door frame overlooking the footpath & it works perfectly, couldn’t me more satisfied with the result.
    As soon as the door opens the light comes on immediately stopping on long enough to negotiate the pathway.
    Was so impressed placed another order & considering where else I can use more. No wiring no hassle & easy to mount.
    Excellent product & good delivery.

  18. Martin

    This light is easy to put up. I needed a light for the back garden partly for security and to see the bins. I was surprised of how bright the light was and the area coverage of the light. I set the light approx.10 feet up, angled the light/sensor, and it picks up us humans but lets the cats pass without using my batteries.
    The light is well made and robust. A great product. I have now purchased the ceiling light for my shed and the smaller MB330 spotlight for the back of my garden.
    Recommend these lights.

  19. Michael

    Bought a set of 3 of these and they work really well, use them to light up the back garden and there really bright, just make sure not to locate too close to any trees or bushes that tend to sway about in high/moderate winds otherwise the motion sensor keeps triggering and will drain the batteries.
    So if positioned correctly they should last 7+ months before a battery change is required.
    Good product – Recommended.

  20. Shaun

    Without doubt the best battery powered light I’ve ever bought. OK the only one.I have bought! Really though I can recommend this product. I have three!

  21. Anotoine Camilleri (verified owner)

    I bought the Mr Beams MB390 at a lightning deal price. Due to the fact that it did not look so good on the white facade of my house I mounted it in my garden, and after 7 months I am still running on the original batteries! The powerful bright light the MB390 emits is really surprising.

  22. Brammer (verified owner)

    Unlike some of the other models there is no adjustment possible, either to brightness or length of time the light will stay on … personally I think this is a good thing since it keeps things simple. There is no remote … again a good thing.
    The light is sufficiently bright to enable us to unlock the side gate and retrieve the bins, but not so bright as to annoy the neighbours.
    The PIR detection is narrow, so the light only comes on when I step into a small footprint and it will not be come on when the neighbours walk by.

  23. Dr (verified owner)

    Recently bought this battery powered security light for side path,very impressed very bright light does the job installed in minutes no wiring Value For Money would defiantly recommend

  24. Mrs Reynolds

    Bought this to light up side path it was very easy to install no wiring only 2 screws which are included in the box very impressed really bright light and does the job.VFM delivery was good.All in all highly recommended.

  25. wexlerlou (verified owner)

    When I couldnt replace the bulbs in my security light I bought 2 ultra bright spotlights. Brilliant light where I want it and where I can reach. No more getting a man out costing a lot of money. That’s why I am now buying more.

  26. JB (verified owner)

    I bought one of these 6 months ago to both act as a security light for a back door and to illuminate the pathway. It’s worked faultlessly and has proved to be very useful. I’ve just ordered another one for the patio.

  27. Jonny D

    Great light, sensitive PIR and wide illumination field, bright enough to light up a football pitch. We bought a triple pack, great VFM. Very easy to set up & install.
    Quality product. It’s looks give the impression it may also have a CCTV camera built in, which several of our neighbours have commented on, so we’ve not dissillusioned them but a plus point as a deterrent.
    Worth the slight extra for the D cell batteries as the lights are so bright and effective, much more so than the rubbish we bought from Sainsbury’s Homebase for around the same price and returned.
    Quality product, very happy – good delivery, well packaged, no faults and excellent customer service from Chris at Mr Beams.
    All in all, highly recommended – the best battery operated security lights we’ve ever found.

  28. M Scott

    I live where there are no street lights and overlook fields, so wanted something bright to light up the back garden when returning late at night. This Ultra Bright spotlight is ideal. I have put one in the back garden and one out the front. Highly recommend.

  29. Bob J

    These spotlights are truly fantastic ! I bought 3 for our new home, and they really give a bright light and are sensitive to movement. Would recommend to anyone. Brilliant, well made products and very solid too

  30. Flavio Oliveiria

    I have on my balcony and it is good for my space.

Additional information

Weight 0.390 kg
Dimensions 180 × 100 × 100 mm

Dark Brown, White




A massive 400 Lumens of light


30m² of light coverage

Motion Range

6m Motion range

Auto Shutoff

30 Seconds automatic shutoff


4 X D (not included)


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