Ceiling & Cupboard Light – 100 Lumen – MB980

Budget Ceiling Light, ideal for attics, sheds & cupboards. Motion & darkness sensored. Install in wardrobes, cloakrooms and those smaller dark corners.

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Key Product Features
100 lumens of light
20m² of light coverage
6m motion range
Ideal Usage Examples
  • Ideal shed light
  • Wirelessly light your attic
  • Light up large cupboards
  • Great for the garage
  • No mains wiring needed

The Ceiling light is perfect for lighting attics, sheds, garages and large rooms with no mains wiring installed. The light comes with screws to install onto any surface required in a matter of minutes, the wireless design means the lights don’t need to be in any particular location. Perfect for areas such as attics that can be costly to run mains wiring too.

The Ceiling Light has a motion and darkness sensor and will only turn on when both are detected. Motion can be detected up to 6m away and the light will automatically turn off 30 seconds after the last movement was picked up.

The LED provides 100 lumens that will light an area of 20m² ideal for most large rooms. The Ceiling Light is weather resistant so can be used in outbuildings that are exposed to the weather.

Things to remember

  • Requires 4 x C batteries, 1 set will last 6-12 months with average usage
  • If you have any questions please call our customer service team on 01684 607005

13 reviews for Ceiling & Cupboard Light – 100 Lumen – MB980

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  1. Simon (verified owner)

    Yet another great product from Mr Beams. I am fast becoming obsessed with looking for places to buy these for. The ceiling light was ordered for our vestibule as it’s quite dark when entering/leaving the house and difficult to find the lock on the front door. This provides more than an adequate amount of light and as soon as it’s dark and detects motion, bingo, it lights up a previously very dull space. I actually couldn’t wait for it to go dark so I could test it out!

  2. dan rynne

    this light has changed ma life. I used to sit in the dark n use candles cause I have no electric in me hut but this thing is brill

  3. D Young

    A very impressive light that is so simple to install. Lights positioned so I can see/access my winter fuel without having to turn on overhead lights in garage. The motion sensor picks up movement as soon as I enter the space – brilliant.

  4. Kris M

    Totally brilliant. I am using 2 of these lights in my 20ft long 9ft high garage. Perfect for when I need to nip in to get dog feed or grab a few tools and no more fumbling for main light switch. More importantly I don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn lights off (sometimes left on for days) especially when hands are full.

  5. linda bentley (verified owner)

    Very happy with the light. Didn’t want to wire in something so this was ideal. Bright and welcoming !

  6. K Portwin

    The light is bright considering it is a battery-only light. The sensor is sensitive. Easy to install with two screws into the wall. The light has quite a stark, white quality – but it does the job very well for our previously-dark entrance way.

  7. KM

    It is made from tough plastic and is also waterproof but in my case is indoors so no problem there. But if you are situating this outdoors don’t worry! I have a few Mr Beams lights outside and they are still perfect after being hammered by the rain. This has one LED light and a motion sensor. Fitting is easy enough, just two screws and its done. In use I attached this to the ceiling above some stairs halfway down just incase anybody has to nip downstairs during the night. As you take your first step down it does come on and illuminates the area very well and long enough (20 seconds) to get down.
    You could use this anywhere you want indoors in cupboards, hallways, stairs, walk in wardrobes and outdoors in sheds, out houses, bike lock ups, patio areas, camping, caravans etc.
    This is a cracking motion sensor light, battery operated, powerful enough and no electrician needed! Recommended.

  8. Freckles25

    This light is absolutely brilliant, I was looking for a battery powered sensor light that gives off enough light to light my porch, I am so pleased with this product, especially now the dark nights are here! I put it up myself in 5 minutes (I am female) and it was ready to use! Very very happy!

  9. J. Paulette Westpaul

    This light is fantastic! No electrician required. Sensor saves battery life. Makes the shower much safer. Exactly what was needed. Brilliant product, if you need outdoor light where you don’t have access to power.

  10. ColM

    This is a fantastic product, I bought it to light up a dark vestibul. Product was way easy to install and worked perfectly first time. Now during the dark hours I can see the door lock the hall and outside light switches. Cheers Mr Beams

  11. psmith8550

    Really Nice Bright Light Ideal for Home shed. Gives a fantastic light just what we needed. Thanks. Competitive price and product arrived promptly. Really excellent product, have tried a similar product with multiple LED`s and was very disappointed with light output, this one has great light output and is a very neat unit. Thoroughly recommended.

  12. Steph Fox

    I bought this ceiling light as an emergency light for the landing at the top of the stairs, and was impressed enough to order another pair for our hallway and kitchen. The original light does excellent service as a nightlight–no more confused visitors failing to find that awkwardly-placed lightswitch–plus I’m no longer worried about electricity blackouts! I’ll be buying these as presents in future!

  13. Pauline Lomax

    Brilliant, literally. Very bright when needed and if situated in the correct place it does a really good job in lighting up quite a large area. Definately, recommend this for anyone who does not have power and needs to be able to light up a small room. My husband has put his in a shed sized 7ft x 7ft and its very bright.

Additional information

Weight 0.228 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 mm



Indoor and Outdoor


100 lumens of light


20m² of light coverage

Motion Range

6m Motion range

Auto Shutoff

30 Seconds automatic shutoff


4 X C (not included)

Pack Size

Single Unit, Pack of 2


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