10x AA Batteries


The AA battery is one of the most popular types of battery used today. Small and powerful, these batteries power more devices than you might think, including our popular 20 lumens Stand Anywhere Light and 30 lumen Compact Path Light. Our high-quality AA batteries provide an average 6-12 months of power to our lights, making them a convenient and affordable option.

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Our AA batteries come in economical packs of 10, ensuring you always have batteries to hand whenever you need them. Like all our products, our batteries are packed safely and securely to make sure they arrive to you in perfect working condition. We offer free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK for orders over £75.

Things to remember

There are various things you can do to ensure your batteries remain in excellent condition. Firstly, you should always keep your batteries in a container in a dry and cool location when you’re not using them. Second, you should try to keep your batteries away from extremely hot and cold temperatures. These conditions can damage batteries, causing them to lose power and even rupture or leak. Finally, you’re advised to wipe the positive and negative ends of batteries with a dry cloth before and after they are stored.

Information about using batteries

All batteries have safety guidelines and you should follow these at all times. For AA batteries, they include not mixing old and new batteries in the same device together. This can affect the power of the batteries, resulting in poor, inconsistent power. Make sure only batteries that are clearly marked as ‘rechargeable’ are recharged. Trying to recharge ordinary batteries won’t work and can result in damage. You’re also advised to keep all batteries away from small children to reduce the risk of accidents. You should always store your batteries in a location that children cannot access.

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