Pack of 2 Communicating Security High Performance Floodlights – MBN3002

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That’s Clever – Lights that talk to each other. Styled on our High Performance Floodlight with the same 500 Lumen brightness, but with the added feature of communication between lights. When any one light is triggered, all lights on the same channel will turn on.  You can have up to four different system channels.


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Key Product Features
500 lumens of light
55m² of light coverage
6m motion range
Ideal Usage Examples
  • Complete home security
  • Light all of your home
  • Adjustable heads
  • Ideal for outbuildings
  • Networked technology

Please note networking is only possible with 2 or more Mr Beams Net Bright products. Single units can be purchased to work with existing Net Bright lights.

The Net Bright High Performance Floodlight is the brightest networking light in the Mr Beams range. It provides a massive 500 lumens which will light up to 55m2 perfect for lighting gardens and driveways. The networking feature makes this pack an affordable home security lighting system. Clever networking technology that when one spotlight detects motion ALL NetBrights tuned to the same channel will turn on, lighting your entire home. Up to 50 lights can be added to 1 channel so you could have lights out the front and back of your house to light when just one detects motion.

The Net Bright High Performance Floodlight has a darkness and motion sensor which will detect movement up to 6m away. The Spotlight will only turn on when both darkness and motion are detected. It will automatically turn off all spotlights 20 seconds after the last motion was detected by one of the spotlights in the channel.

Lights communicate wirelessly (radio transmission) and are battery powered so no wiring is required, lights can be installed with the screws provided in a matter of minutes to any location around your home and garden. The dual headed design allows users to individually rotate each of the heads to direct the light beam as you wish.

The NetBright High Performance Floodlight can also be connected with our NetBright Spotlight.

Things to remember

  • Requires 4 x D cell batteries (per light), batteries last 6-12 months with average usage
  • 2 or more are required to network. Singles can be purchased to add to existing NetBright lights.
  • If you have any questions please call our customer service team on 01684 607005

10 reviews for Pack of 2 Communicating Security High Performance Floodlights – MBN3002

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  1. Simon Hargreaves

    i was skeptical, but it really works well. My whole back yard now lights up as soon as I step out the door and also as soon as anyone enters the property they all light up. A fantastic security deterrent. Really happy I decided to purchase these and much brighter than I expected.

  2. Cathy M

    Just what I was looking for. Not very good at DIY, these were really easy to install. Really good range of light and gives me that added feeling of security.

  3. C Crawford

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do you can’t ask for more. Really bright and I like the way they link up and light all at the same time. I have 4 and am really pleased with them.

  4. D Dawson

    Have them in my drive – live in the countryside and these are perfect for lighting what would be a very dark driveway.

  5. Brenda M

    So pleased with these lights I brought a second pair, they light up the garden for my Frenchie very well so I can see where she is in the winter months. Also do not stay on long when there is no motion so hope this will help the batteries last. Don’t hesitate they are brilliant literally!

  6. Stephen B

    Although I prefer solar lights, there are times when the light needs to be placed where the solar panels cannot get charged. I have installed this under a canopy so my only alternative was an electrically powered light. Easy to install, you screw the backplate to the wall using 3 screws. The light takes 4 x D batteries which are put in the back. I like the way you can unscrew the back cover and the screws stay on the cover itself. Once installed, the light just clips over the wall mounted bracket. The lights can be independently swivelled and angled. I have one facing straight down and the other towards the path. The light is bright and shines out well. The sensor picks me up as soon as I step out the door and illuminates the area intended. After about 20 seconds of not detecting movement, the light goes out. A great light.

  7. R Baker

    I’m really pleased with how well this light is working out, it’s meant I can give lighting to a dark area where I park my motorbike without having to drill cable holes all the way through the wall.

I’ve fitted it under a window about 20 feet up (which makes it safe from opportunist tampering) and at that distance everything has a sort grey look to it not full colour as in the photos but it does mean I can see all around the bike now when I look out whereas before I would have to shine a torch.

Plus from below it appears very bright so nobody there could know how much they actually get illuminated, it’s an excellent security feature.

Very easy to adjust and position too, and the two units in this pack can be synchronised with other units so when one lights all light, 

All in…. happy customer!

  8. Mr Brown

    We have lots of Mr Beams lights in our house, both indoors and outdoors, as we have found them to be reliable and easy to install, and we have even fitted them at my elderly mother in laws house too.

They are all battery powered, which for us is a perfect solution as we can install them easily ourselves, on the wall, soffit or fence post, and there is no wiring to worry about. The batteries last well too. We tend to change the batteries in the outside lights about once every 6 months or so (the lights are mostly in areas of moderate use with about 10-15 activations per day).

This particular light is the brightest and best one we have. It’s extremely good for illuminating the driveway and front garden. And because the two light pods can be angled where you want them, they can point away from each other slightly to cover a pretty big area.

The motion sensor triggers the light every time someone walks past the driveway, at a distance of around 5 metres. It’s very helpful as a tool for providing additional light in the area where our security camera faces too, so the images we get on the camera recordings are clearer than ever, even at night.

  9. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Fantastic lights. Have used Mr beams for decades now, they last forever, battery life is excellent and quality of light is the best. I’ve tried cheaper alternatives, they always end up in the bin or given to charity shops. Cannot wait to try these new ones all together, i have one already and have ordered another 4….that’s how impressed i am.

  10. Trevor

    very good quality, well made with a well designed waterproof seal for battery container. Very bright for a battery operated kit. The pack of 2 means you have a start up straight away and they communicate with each other so when one comes on so does the other. Yes I would recommend these

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 180 × 100 mm

Dark Brown, White




A massive 500 Lumens of light


55m² of light coverage

Motion Range

6m Motion range

Auto Shutoff

20 seconds automatic shutoff


4 X D (not included)


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