Slim Light – Overdoor Light / Utility Light MB970


Our Doorway Light and Cupboard Light has a discrete slim-design and is a battery-powered keyhole light that can be installed above doorways as a keyhole light or in cupboards in minutes. Providing good illumination and improving home convenience, this light is the perfect addition to your home.

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Key Product Features
100 lumens of light
20m² of light coverage
4m motion range
Ideal Usage Examples
  • Ideal over door light
  • Wirelessly light your doorways
  • Light up large storage areas
  • Great for hallways
  • No mains wiring needed

This keyhole light can be rotated up to 60 degrees, providing you with precise illumination exactly where you need it. Offering 100 lumens of light and illuminating an area measuring 20m², this compact and powerful keyhole light is perfect for doorways and outbuildings. Measuring just 300 × 47 × 58 mm and available in a stylish white, this great doorway light blends in well to remain unobtrusive.

Features of battery-powered keyhole lights

Featuring motion and darkness sensors, the LED light automatically activates when movement is detected up to 4m away before turning off 30-seconds after the last detection. The motion sensor also makes the battery-powered keyhole light a great way to improve home security, providing you with important peace of mind and reassurance when you are out. As the light only operates in darkness, batteries will last much longer, giving you up to 1-year of lighting on just one set. This light requires four C-cell batteries (batteries not included).

A light for wherever you need it

You can install and attach the battery-powered keyhole light to any surface quickly using the screw and tape provided, but you can easily change its location as often as you want. This gives you total freedom as to where and how it’s used, including outdoor areas thanks to the light’s waterproof locking design. This keeps it operating well at all times, no matter the conditions.

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9 reviews for Slim Light – Overdoor Light / Utility Light MB970

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  1. Steve Taylor (verified owner)

    Purchased to fit above my caravan door. Now every time I come back to the van at night I have a guiding light and more important I can now see the keyhole. Simply unclips in a few seconds for travelling. Highly recommend.

  2. Paul Baker (verified owner)

    Really slimline and unobtrusive design. Very easy to fit and easy to remove when on the road. Great spread of light as I approach the door at night and easy to use my key.

  3. William Jones (verified owner)

    I bought this light to use in my new shed. To say it is perfect is an understatement, easy to fit, works superbly, comes on as you open the door and the light is really bright. Highly recommended, I would definitely buy again.

  4. Walter M (verified owner)

    It turns out that 4 C type Duracell batteries can go a very long way.

    When I first received this very plasticy light I was a little disappointed, it felt fairly flimsy, and the actual LED looked tiny. Whoops, that’ll teach me for judging before I try something.

    This light is incredibly powerful given the small size, and as long as the battery life of 1 year holds up as the manufacturers claim, this will be a brilliant asset. For now I’ve mounted it in our wood store which doesn’t have direct power, so as to provide a backup when the Solar light doesn’t work. The addition of a motion sensor and light sensor means this never runs unnecessarily either!

  5. k Johnson (verified owner)

    This is a great battery-powered indoor light option for a loft (as I’ve used it), although also claimed as being suitable for outdoors too.
    The light is very bright for a small bulb, possibly too bright for a small space like under-stair cupboard, but ideal for a reasonable space like a loft.

    The motion sensor is sensitive and works well. The light switches off after 20 seconds of movement stopping which is effective if you want to save power and only want the light on when you are there, less so for an outside security light.

    The unit comes with a base-plate to fix to a wall with 2 screws and wall-plugs (provided). The screws are fairly cheap – I fixed directly into a soft wooden beam without pre-drilling and needed to use a better quality screw as one of the provided screws wasn’t up to the job.

    The light can be rotated slightly when in the baseplate so you can alter the beam by about 20 degrees, but really neatly, the light can be easily unclipped so it can be carried like a torch or moved to another location – again, this is ideal for use in a loft.

    Highly recommended.

  6. Henry

    I got this to light a passageway down the side of the house from the car parking area to the back door. I have tried other solutions but really wanted one which did not need major electrical works. The passageway is backed by a north facing wall so difficult to use a solar powered solution. This battery operated one is just the job. Motion sensor so triggered by anyone walking down the passageway (including pets). And for a battery powered device produces a decent level of illumination.

  7. E Ramshaw

    You will need to buy four c cell batteries as these are not included but once bought and installed this light works well.
    Motion activated only in dark areas so no wasted battery and ideal for sheds and garages or attics, certainly works well in our understairs cupboard. Comes with kit to fit to a wall.

  8. R Tait

    This is a good product for my understairs illumination. It’s much better than dangling a torch from a nail, which is what I was doing before.
    The product quality is high, not quite Apple standard but you can feel the quality in design and materials.vI appreciate the way the light section rotates – useful for adjusting the angle for my confined space. The unit is slim and discreet. I might have liked the ability to reduce the brightness – it’s a little too bright for my needs.

  9. Sussman

    The lights seem to be quite bright so far and they do come on when motion is sensed. The light comes on immediately, it is very bright and spreads around the room so you can see clearly. This light takes 4 C batteries (not supplied). The unit comes with two screws, for a slightly more secure placement. Not sure the batteries will last the full year duration, with average usage seems to illustrate on the online description.

Additional information

Weight 0.228 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 mm



Indoor and Outdoor


100 lumens of light


20m² of light coverage

Motion Range

4m motion range

Auto Shutoff

20 seconds automatic shutoff


4 X C (not included)


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