MB990 – UltraBright Ceiling Light

Battery powered with a motion sensor that activates from up to 6m away, the UltraBright ceiling light is ideal for attics, sheds, cupboards & garages. With a reflective face design that provides maximum light output. 

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Key Product Features
300 lumens of light
30m² of light coverage
6m motion range
Ideal Usage Examples
  • UltraBright LED's
  • Wireless design
  • Perfect for large areas
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for sheds and attics

The Ultra Bright Ceiling light doesn’t require any mains wiring so can be installed in any room in a matter of minutes. The UltraBright Ceiling light is perfect for lighting sheds, garages and attics with a large spread of light being produced from the reflective face design.

The Ceiling light provides 300 lumens that will light an area of up to 30m². With a motion and darkness sensor, the Ultra Bright Ceiling Light will only turn on when both motion and darkness are detected. Movement can be picked up from up to 6m away and 20 seconds after the last motion was detected the light will automatically turn off.

A great design for areas around the home that don’t have mains lighting, the UltraBright Ceiling Light is an affordable alternative that can be set up quickly and easily. All instructions and screws required are provided with the product. The Ultra Bright Ceiling Light ensures home safety in the difficult to light areas while the modern design will suit any room. The Ceiling Light is weather resistant so can be used in outdoor buildings such as log stores.

Things to remember

  • Requires 4x D batteries, 1 set of batteries will last 6-12 months with average usage (average usage of 8-10 times activity a day)
  • If you have any questions please call our customer service team on 01452 618850


  1. S Smith (verified owner)

    This has been worth it’s weight in gold. We have a door to the garage from the house but the builders installed the two light switches as far away from the door as possible! Consequently in winter you need a torch to get to a light switch. With this light positioned above the door we have light as soon as we step into the garage, we needn’t worry about forgetting to switch it off or grope our way back in the dark. Brilliant.

  2. John Walker (verified owner)

    Really good light!
    I purchased this light to illuminate my front porch.
    I didn’t want to wire up a full outside light.
    I have used solar & battery powered lights before they are weak or don’t last long. I was pleasantly surprised by how bright this light is I’m using rechargeable batteries with it.
    My plan is to recharge them once a month, but I think I could go a bit longer between charges.
    The light does dim when the battery begins to lose charge so you get plenty of warning before it cuts out. Everyone in the family is happy with how bright it is!
    Very good purchase, highly recommend this light!

  3. Steve W (verified owner)

    It looks good, but when it’s up you don’t really notice it until it turns on, emitting a bold, bright, ice white light – more than enough to walk down the hallway to the bathroom, or to unlock the front door and get inside. Every visitor who has experienced it switching on in the night has commented on what a useful light it is, eliminating the need for finding light switches. One workman even requested that I sent him the product link so he could get one for his home!

    As a cost-saving side note: having this light also means I don’t leave the main hallway light on overnight because I no longer need to.

  4. Mr Turner (verified owner)

    We are using this motion-sensing light in our garage, and it turns on as soon as we open the door about 8 feet away.

    We have mounted it on the ceiling, but it could also be mounted on a wall. It was a job that took less than 5 minutes for my husband.

    The light is pretty bright considering its battery powered, and it creates a good pool of light within the whole garage space (a larger than normal sized double, which is wider, longer and higher than standard. We no longer have to turn on the main strip lights to go in and get items out of the car or to get the salt for our water softener.

    The casing is bright white, so it is unobtrusive and blends in well. The lens cover is a frosted effect. It looks smart and functional when installed and we like it as its easier than using the main lights. If we have a power cut, we also will still have sufficient light to see what we are doing, which is an added bonus.

  5. Mark (verified owner)

    We wanted to put a light into our utility room and couldn’t afford to have an electrician wire one in permanently so opted for one of these lights, we put one in the utility and one in the shed. In a word, Excellent! So glad we came across this site and found these lights, it lights up our utility room perfectly as does the one in our shed, would highly recommend them, Easy to fit, can’t comment on battery life, hadn’t had them long enough. All in all very impressed, super fast delivery as well.

  6. Pat B (verified owner)

    What a fantastic purchase this turned out to be. I wanted an ultrabright light as flood light outside my front door and this does the job really well. The sensor easily picks up motion and stays on for good amount of time. No need for wiring by electricians. Battery operated and screw into porch ceiling or outside wall. Can be used for sheds without electricity. Will definately be lookig at some more Mr Beams products.

  7. Julie M (verified owner)

    Wanted a light to see the front step and keyhole and this does exactly that. It lights when i enter my drive so anyone walking past wont set it off. The light covers about a 6′ radius, bright enough to see what I’m doing, but doesn’t wind up the neighbours late at night like a flood light. The battery will last about a year and really straight forward to put up.

  8. Corbretti

    Bought these lights to go into a walk in wardrobe I was building as I didn’t fancy the work required to wire in a mains light…..always more complex in France.. I bought two because it made absolute sense costing only marginally more than one when including delivery. I was amazed at the light given off by a single unit. More than bright enough for the wardrobe. This gives me a spare light to put somewhere else. The movement detector is very sensitive and there is no delay walking into the wardrobe before the light comes on. Highly recommended.

  9. Euan

    Excellent, I use it in a cupboard under the stairs and it works perfectly. I took the part off that makes it light sensitive and have left it so that it goes on on movement. Works a treat. Have a similar model in my shed. Easy to fit and easy to change the batteries.

  10. Keith

    Brilliant! I was slightly concerned it would not be bright enough at 300 lumens but lights up the walk in cupboards, which are about 2 metres square, very well. The automatic sensor is fantastic and works sell so that there is no danger oof leaving the light on and drainng the battery. Easy to fix and good instructions.

Additional information

Weight0.51 kg
Dimensions190 × 190 mm





Motion Range

Auto Shutoff



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