Pack of 2 Universal Night Lights – MB720

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You can literally just place these Night Lights anywhere, on any ledge or simply fix to the wall. Move around the home during the night and no longer fumble for light switches. Useful to anyone, but especially for the elderly and young. The Amber version is very easy on the eyes but is equally as bright.

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Key Product Features
20 lumens of light
3m² of light coverage
3m motion range
Ideal Usage Examples
  • Great for trips to the bathroom
  • Light up your hallways
  • Subtly light your bedroom
  • Install in cupboards and cabinets
  • No mains wiring required

The Universal Light is the perfect night light for lighting bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs and hallways. With two options for LED colour (white or amber), the amber LED is particularly subtle on the eyes making it ideal to not disturb others around you.

The Universal Light has both a motion and darkness sensor so the light will only turn on when both are detected. The light will automatically turn off 30 seconds after the last motion was detected. With no wiring required and screws and tape provided the Universal Light can be installed to any location within a matter of minutes.

The LED produces 20 lumens that will light an area of 3m² perfect for small locations such as bathrooms. The Universal Light is an excellent safety feature in the home as it will guide you and your family around the home during the late hours.

Things to remember

  • Requires 4 x AA batteries, 1 set will last 6-12 months with average usage
  • If you have any questions please call our customer service team on 01684 607005

22 reviews for Pack of 2 Universal Night Lights – MB720

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  1. Andrew

    Brilliant solution as a nightlight for our toddler with bathroom trips. Excellent service and delivery from Mr Beams UK. Thank you.

  2. Annie (verified owner)

    These are fantastic. I was living in a shared flat and bought these for night-time trips to the loo to avoid waking up my flatmate with the loud light pull-string click and automatic bathroom fan. As they stand up on their own I just put them on top of a thick-framed mirror mounted on the wall and they stay put and lit the room beautifully. They really did the job and since moving to my own place I now use one on the stairs (it fits perfectly between the banisters) and one on the upstairs landing to avoid having to fumble around for the light switch. I love that they can be freestanding so you can move them around where needed. Depending where I put them I will rotate them so the light points upwards or downwards to suit the height. Really versatile and useful. I have the white ones but will probably order some amber ones for a large recess alcove in my bedroom that I hope to section off into a closet space – it is quite dim and has no plugs so these will be perfect. My only wish is that they were USB-rechargeable – even though they last a long time I dislike using batteries.

  3. Dot Baldwin (verified owner)

    I have these self standing lights and they are perfect for easily finding my way around at night time. With enough light to see where we are going and all hands free. Kids no longer leave the lights on. Have also bought more for my elderly parents. Especially like the amber version as it’s very easy on the eye.

  4. Hilda Smart (verified owner)

    Bought some more as I was so pleased with the previous ones I had a few years ago. Batteries really do last for ages. Happy with my purchase and i would strongly recommend.

  5. Sonia W (verified owner)

    Excellent little light – gives off a HUGE amount of light which makes going to the loo so much safer for we doddering old 80 year-olds! In fact I will order some more to replace smaller and less bright ones before winter and longer nights really set in. Another case of “you get what you pay for!” An extra advantage (so simple I`m amazed that every manufacturer of similar lights hadn`t already made it as standard) is that it has a small plate that you stick to the wall, so that the actual light fitting is EASILY removable and replaceable for maintenance. You can, of course, screw it to the wall – everything is provided. The plate has two small studs which fit easily into two corresponding holes in the back of the light – you just slide it upwards a fraction to release it.

    I intend to replace ALL my old motion sensor lights with these. If you have pets – suggest you place them high enough so that pets don`t set them off – they give a bigger area of light that way in any case.

  6. L Morris (verified owner)

    I have had one of these lights in my coat room for a couple of years now and it is still working. I needed one for a small cupboard I have just had built so decided to get another one. They are neat and work perfectly. Would definitely recommend this product and the seller delivers very swiftly. Thanks.

  7. L Manson (verified owner)

    We’ve had a larger light from this range for our garden shed so thought we’d try these in the house. One is in the cupboard under the kitchen sink and the other is in one of the loft spaces where we store the Christmas decorations.

    Both are perfect for each space. They don’t glare but do give a broad spread of the light (unlike some LEDs) which is plenty both for the small cupboard (my wife loves it) and for the loft it floods light around a 10’x8′ space so I am happy too.

    They are motion activated which is handy for saving batteries. They fit to the surface either with a (supplied) sticky pad or with a couple of screws through the base plate.

  8. Natasha

    Excellent little lights, easy to install. The motion sensor has a wide angle so the placement of the lights can be pretty much anywhere you like. I have used these in the bathroom as the overhead light was noisy to turn on and far too bright. These work perfectly. Am going to buy some for my kitchen cupboards and outside stairs too!

  9. annerae56

    First saw these in our holiday house and ordered two as soon as we came home. They work extremely well, giving out a lot of light and are so discrete, you don’t notice them during the day. Am hoping now to order a spotlight for lighting the garden shed and coal bunker in the winter.

  10. K Barker (verified owner)

    These are brilliant. Used for an elderberry relations dash to the bath room in the middle of the night, for poorly lit cupboards and the garage where the light switch is not readily to hand. Very reliable,
    One battery life.

  11. Andrea

    Fantastic. I have them going all up the stairs and in the bathrooms for night time visits. Highly recommend them. I always put Duracell batteries in them and they last for ages.

  12. Alan Johnson (verified owner)

    Brilliant device – bought one for me, then neighbours asked for one, now two more for friends. Money saving safety at reasonable cost – priceless!.

  13. Frances Hopes (verified owner)

    I love this light. Having moved to a bigger house I’ve just bought my second unit to install in the en suite. I like the neat, slick shape of the light and the fact it looks smart while unobtrusive when mounted on the wall; it performs perfectly as well. I wanted a quality product rather than a cheap, ugly, clunky alternative so am very pleased with the Universal Light.

  14. David Jackson

    Really nice light. I’m using it outside the front door. It’s really easy to fit with the double sided tape that’s included.
    It only lights a small area but that makes it ideal as it’s not too intrusive. Definitely great value.

  15. M4rkle

    These actually work very well and the output of the small LEDs is more than enough to provide guiding light. While I originally thought I’d only utilise these units while on blurry-eyed midnight adventures to the bathroom, my girlfriend and I use them throughout the evening as the main light in our bathroom is an energy saving bulb and therefore takes approximately 60 seconds to reach full brightness (at which point, we have completed our business and are out the door). These switch on instantly and thus provide 100% of their output from the moment they detect you.

  16. Mccyle

    Turning lights on/off for a few seconds every night was becoming a major headache (not to mention finding the light switch in the dark). I was skeptical at first about buying this product… but once it arrived and I installed it (to be honest it was easy, I used double-sided tape and just stuck the lights to the door frames)… it changed my life!
    The lights are not too bright (depends on the area you want to cover) but they light up the place long enough for you to do whatever you are there to do. During daytime they won’t come on, but as soon as it gets dark… they get activated if they sense any kind of motion.

  17. Kris Micheals

    Have placed one of these lights in our bathroom cupboard which houses our boiler, and have mounted near boiler control unit. The light from this unit is bright and now it is much easier to do what I need, especially when i need to boost central heating etc. Will buy another so I can see all toiletries on the other side of the boiler cupboard.

    Brilliant and simple. Recommended.

  18. Keith (verified owner)

    Bought this from Mr Beams, after buying a competitors model on Ebay which was useless as it drained the batteries after switching on twice! I fitted this lamp in a dark corner wardrobe and am really happy with the design,size and illumination. Won’t hesitate to buy from Mr Beams again.

  19. Trevor Davis (verified owner)

    GREAT, they are in the grankids rooms, and if they have to get up during the night, It dose exactly as it said on the box, First class wee lights, Very quick service, and very well made strong and robust, WELL DONE.

  20. Roberta (verified owner)

    Bought for my elderly mother – to light way to the loo at night – was pleasantly surprised how she accepted them along the hall skirtings etc. A useful product and will be excellent in a power cut at night.

  21. jetsetterpattie (verified owner)

    Nice little light for anywhere in the home i got it for my bathroom night visits. Never knew I needed it until we used it and would now not be without it. GREAT, they are in the grankids rooms, and if they have to get up during the night, It dose exactly as it said on the box, First class wee lights, Very quick service, and very well made strong and robust, WELL DONE.

  22. Phillip Kent (verified owner)

    Exactly as described, safely packaged, promptly delivered, also perfect communication and dealing with queries

Additional information

Weight 0.137 kg
Dimensions 90 × 100 × 20 mm





20 lumens of light


3m² of light coverage

Motion Range

3m Motion range

Auto Shutoff

30 Seconds automatic shutoff


4 X AA (not included)


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