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Garage Lights

Awkward corner to light or no power in your garage? Mr Beams Ceiling Light and Spotlight solves the problem in minutes.

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Driveway Lights

Installing a driveway light can seem costly and timely process. However Mr Beams spotlights are battery operated, requiring no wiring and easy installation

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Security Lights

Simple fit security lighting for your dark corners, helps to deter unwanted guests and keep your belongings safe. The Mr Beams range of battery operated security lights are easy to install, with a long lasting battery life and require no expensive electrician to install them. Don’t waste electricity by leaving lights on, our motion sensored lights will automatically turn on and off for you.

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Camping Lights

Mr Beams Universal Light is the ideal tent light providing instant light on entry and added security deterring unwanted visitors. The Mr Beams camping lantern is a necessity to any camping or festival trip. With a unique feature that uses a USB port enabling you to charge your phone.

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Cupboard Lights

Mr Beams Universal Light is perfect for fitting into small cupboards, while the Mr Beams Ceiling Light is great for larger cupboards (including that under the stairs space too!).

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Bathroom Lights

Mr Beams motion activated lights the perfect way to give enough light for those night time trips to the bathroom and no need to switch on the blinding main light and fan, allowing your partner to continue sleeping without disturbance.

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Hallway Lights

Mr Beams Glow Light is a fantastic light to illuminate hazards, like steps and ponds, for your own safety as well as for your visitors.

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Children’s Night Light

From the moment you find out you are expecting, new parents’ priorities shift from what’s good for them to what’s best for their children.

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Garden Lights

The Mr Beams line of LED lights are an affordable method to easily provide garden lighting to maximise outdoor living so you no longer have to cut short the summer BBQ or leave the garden once the sun goes down.

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NetBright Networked Lights

Do you own a Mr Beams NetBright light, did you know that all NetBrights no matter which light can all talk together? Create an affordable home security system with no mains wiring required.

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Shed Lights

Mr Beams Spotlight can be easily mounted in the corner of your shed and provide bright directional light across the whole room enabling you to see in that dark corner.

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