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Garage & Outbuildings Lights

EasyFit long life battery lighting for your garage and outbuildings.
* Bright Ceiling & Wall Lights
* Automatic hands free, on and off
* Darkness sensored
* Light up your garage approach

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Driveway Lights

Driveway lighting made simple. Who has power in their driveway.
* Wall fence or tree mounting anywhere
* Spotlights have groundstake and drainpipe mounting options
* Bright long lasting automatic lighting

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Security Lights

Lighting installed in minutes, literally anywhere.
* Weatherproof construction, motion and darkness sensored
* No expensive install costs.
* ‘Communicating’ lights will talk to each other. Light up large areas at once.

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Leisure Lights

Don’t go away without one.
* Welcome Home Light above the caravan/motorhome door
* Handy stand anywhere travel light for those unfamiliar places
* Handsfree automatic lighting anywhere

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Cupboard & Wardrobe Lights

A light in every cupboard. The low cost way to very easy lighting.
* Under the stairs
* Inside kitchen cupboards
* Under kitchen cabinets
* Wardrobes and drawers

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Bathroom Sensor Lights

Handsfree lighting makes life easy for our seniors & young ones.
* Night time wanderings are now much safer
* Do not disturb your partner with bright lights & noisy fans
* Eye friendly amber lights as well

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Hallway & Stair Lights

EasyFit handsfree night lights make wandering around the home in the dark so much easier.
* Increase safety on the stairs
* See obstructions in the hallways
* Help prevent trips and falls

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Garden Lights

Mr Beams LED lights are an affordable method to easily provide garden lighting once the sun goes down.
* Bright Pathlighting
* Light up dangerous steps
* BBQ lighting, see whats cooking
* Handsfree rubbish bin area lighting

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Communicating Lights

Our Netbright range of communicating lights ‘talk’ to each other
* One light turns on, they all do
* Four separate channels
* A pack of two so they are ready to talk right out of the box

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Shed Lights

Our Shed ilghts are very popular. Many people don’t have power in their shed.
* From background lighting to full on ‘ultrabright’
* Ceiling or wall mounting
* Easily light your approach to the shed as well. Added convenience & safety

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