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Wireless hallway lights for a safe & secure home

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Which products are best suited to hallway lighting?

Our battery powered and motion activated lights are perfect for indoor use. Having the comfort of knowing all movement within your home will be aided with motion-sensored light is something parents and homeowners can value.


Wireless hallway lights for a safe & secure home

Are you sick of fumbling for light switches at the dead of night? Or are you looking to reduce your energy bills with low energy security lights? Mr Beams battery powered LED hall lights can reduce costly electricity bills, with the motion sensor providing an ideal alternative to other low energy security lights.

LED lights for home use reduces costly utility bills
LED lights for home use reduces costly utility bills

The motion sensor feature of the Amber Universal light allows you to only use the power of this battery powered soft amber light when you need it; saving energy and eliminating expensive utility costs.

Hall lighting and indoor motion sensor lights that illuminate
Hall lighting and indoor motion sensor lights that illuminate

Should anyone need to take a trip to the bathroom, or if a child has managed to escape the confines of their bedroom, you can guarantee that every hallway will be perfectly lit.

Indoor wall lights that protect
Indoor wall lights that protect

The Mr Beams range offer led light for home use that can act as a security and night-light option which conserves battery power and is triggered only by movement; giving parents and homeowners the reassurance that their family and property is safe and sound.

Product Reviews

“Nice little light for anywhere in the home. I got it for my bathroom night visits. Never knew I needed it until we used it and would now not be without it. GREAT, they are in the grand-kids rooms, and if they have to get up during the night, It dose exactly as it said on the box, First class wee lights, Very quick service, and very well made strong and robust, WELL DONE.”

“Great product. Put to use immediately. Amber lights used in hallway for night walks to the bathroom. Really soft glow while clearly showing where the steps are. Really pleased with it. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family. Will use these when I have my shed up too.”

Alexander R

My parents had a set of the lights and I loved them so much that I purchased four for my home and four for a friend’s house. I love the ease of having these motion sensitive floor lights because it means you get up in the night and move safely down the hallway/stairs into a bathroom or kitchen without blinding yourself with putting the main lights on. I feel safer having these lights and they look great too.

Alexis H
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